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$236.00 Certificate - Dental Health Associates

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*This certifcate is ONLY good towards a whitening kit. This includes a custom tray and 4 tubes of lightening material.

Most people believe a bright, white smile is a sign of healthy teeth. But teeth can become stained or discolored in a variety of ways. Smoking, eating and drinking, even just growing older- all of these can cause your teeth to be less than their best and brightest. Our office offers a variety of teeth whitening products to give your smile a pick-me-up and brighten your teeth quickly and safely.

Why go to a Dentist for Teeth Whitening?
The oral care aisle at every supermarket and drugstore holds rows and rows of products that claim to whiten your teeth. Many of these products produce unreliable results. A professional teeth whitening system administered by your dentist will not only give you more reliable and longer lasting results, but will also be gentler on your teeth.
With take home whitening products, we can select the product that will work best for you situation, whether you have concerns about sensitivity, a short amount of time to get your smile looking great for an anniversary or reunion, or you just want the longest lasting results with the least amount of effort. We have years of experience with these products and can help you chose the one that’s right for you.
Whitening you teeth under the supervision of your dentist is safer and healthier for you and your teeth and will give you better results that will last. We can also recommend tips and techniques to help prolong the whitening effect.

The Whitening Process
With a profession at-home teeth whitening kit, you can brighten up your teeth around your busy schedule. Custom-fitted trays ensure minimal leakage of the whitening gel and a comfortable fit. Most at-home whitening systems give you the best results after using them for two weeks, but you may start seeing a difference in just a few days! Then whitening products we use contain a formulation to not only protect your teeth, but increase the luster of your enamel, making the shiny and bright!
Another advantage to a take-home whitening kits is the ability to touch up your smile as needed. Just come into our office for refills of the whitening gel and you can maintain that beautiful. white smile. Results can be maintained indefinitely for years to come- we will show you how!  FACEBOOK


Only good towards Whitening Kit. No cash back. No cash value. No credit given.

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